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Posted on Sep 22, 2015

“Peace begins with Self Healing….”

Peace Mother Peace Healing Enlightement OM Aum Sacred Sound

The Peace Mantra Om Shanti, Shantih, Shantihi

By Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song


Today’s world is overflowing with the vibration of hyper sensory stimulation. If you tune in to your physical body, you will feel it vibrating chaotically due to the overflow of trivial sensory engagement. Our mind, body and spirit is flooded with stimuli and this is not healthy! It creates an energetic overload to all our senses, organs and spirit, draining us of Life-Force. For this reason, we must tranquilize our mind, body and spirit constantly and we can do this by infusing our being with Peace Mantras.

We must understand and accept that it is the role of dark energies to promote chaos and hostility in the world. Evil has its role and we have ours… it is OUR Sacred Duty to offer The Universe Peace Mantras to dissolve those negative energies that are the source of suffering.

Peace begins with Self-Healing and every time you declare that Peace is triumphant in you and in the world, the more you align with the Perfect you… the Divine, healthy, and Joy-full you! No matter what pain you are carrying, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, you move towards being in Peace by offering praises to Peace and therefore invoking it.

We must fill up the space with the sounds that glorify the Light, Peace, Harmony and Wisdom. Peace, Wisdom and Balance-Happiness are one and the same. They go hand in hand and these Virtues constitute a Peace-full Life. Inner tranquility heals by bolstering your immune system. The more you radiate Peace vibrations into all beings, things and realities, the more you fill yourself with Light. The more Light you possess; the more power you have to continue to create radiant realities.

Peace Is Triumphant, Love Is The Answer:
Peace Songs, Prayers and Invocations


Peace Is Triumphant, Love Is The Answer Album Cover

In our Peace is Triumphant album, we deliver to you Peace songs and mantras such as Om Shanti, Shanti Shantihi. I have also included two Peace Invocations, one in Sanskrit and an English version inspired by the Sanskrit mantras.

Here are tracks included in the Peace Is Triumphant album:

  • Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi
    Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi is a mantra that is often repeated at the end of other “Slokas” (Vedic scripture verses).

Om (Aum) is a way of aligning with the primordial sound of The Universe. When we chant Om or repeat the sound even once, we are unifying our Self with the essence of the Cosmos. So repeating Om (Aum) sends out the vibration of “I am one with The Universe…I am spirit…I am primordial sound…” Therefore in Sanskrit mantras, often, this oneness with The Universe is established first, before any other mantras are uttered.

Shanti is a Sanskrit word which means Peace. These mantras are supremely potent antidotes to the onslaught of negativity that is constantly being projected by dark forces unto this world and other realms in the Cosmos.

When you find yourself attacked by negative thoughts, repeat Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi. When you find your emotions stirred up, bring yourself back to a state of detachment by chanting Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi.

When you find yourself attached to the outcome of a scenario in your Life, you can move towards surrendering to Divine Will by chanting Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi.

Sometimes the emotions are too riled up and mere repetition is not enough. Any time you wish to quickly move yourself into a tranquil state, it is better to sing instead of speaking any mantra. Singing moves you from your mind into your Heart. Chant along with track 7 of the Peace is Triumphant album, and you will find that as you chant this Peace Mantra, you can fill yourself with waves of serenity.

When you find yourself in confusion, install Clarity within yourself by repeating Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi. In listening to this track on the Peace CD, I have experienced that it is calming and full of power! By chanting along with me and the Global Peace Musicians, you can feel your energies unifying, your breath slowing and your mind becoming still.

  • Peace Invocation in Sanskrit
    This is a well-known Peace Prayer with many Mantras that call forth Peace into the Earth, Heavens, atmosphere, the Sacred Waters, vegetation, the Brilliant Light, all Gods and to Consciousness everywhere. The booklet in the CD has the Sanskrit words written phonetically, making it a prayer that is easy to follow along with. The recording is saturated in Grace and is an excellent meditation tool. Simply listening to this recording will spark memories in you of your Divine Nature. By repeating the mantras you full-fill your sacred assignment by being a Peace Messenger who is invoking Peace into all things and places.
  • Peace Invocation in English
    I was inspired to elaborate on the Sanskrit Peace Invocation and add affirmations in English, that we and Mighty Peace are one. In this Peace Prayer, Divine Mother has given us excellent affirmations stating that we choose to work, pray, sing and dance in Peace.
  • Peace Affirmations
    I have also included Peace affirmations that declare that Peace is Triumphant, that it is All Ways in a state of Victory. We also affirm the reality of Peace-full Harmony, repeating these words often, and call forth Peace into all beings, all realities, all vibrations and emanations.

In these invocations we lovingly declare that we and Peace are one unified wave of Tranquility that transforms ignorance, violence, confusion and all suffering. For Peace is our Divine state, our God-given nature…and to constantly praise Peace is our Divine birthright. We do this easily by chanting Peace Mantras and affirmations.

You can influence your family towards higher Consciousness by playing these mantras while driving as well as in the home or work-place. By playing the Peace Mantras and songs when driving, you will see a change in your attitude towards other drivers and road conditions.

It is wise to play the Peace Mantras at home and work places whenever possible, so as to support a smooth flow of mutual Cooperation and Harmony. Even when other activities are going on that would move you to turn the volume down, if you keep the Peace Mantras going, the vibration of the Peace Mantras and affirmations will continue to radiate into anyone present at the time. Any visitors present during the playing of a Peace Mantra will carry that vibration with them when they leave. Isn’t it wonder-full to know you will be planting the seeds of Peace in others by simply playing the Peace is Triumphant Mantra album!

In playing the Peace Mantras and songs you will be helping all your family members, visitors and pets to live at a higher frequency, a purer frequency. All families have ongoing drama… and anyone involved with television, internet programs, radio, newspapers or magazines will be exposed to drama and plenty of it. Every vibration we entertain brings more of the same…therefore the drama vibration will forever continue to spawn more drama in the lives of those who focus their Golden attention upon it. This is why it is vital to play Protection Mantras and Peace Mantras. We must constantly affirm the Triumphant Power of all that is pure, Beauty-full and uplifting so it does not get weighed down by the ugly and heavy vibrations of the world.

Supporting Peace is Easy – Just Chant!

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “It is necessary to love Peace and sacrifice for it.” You may not be able to go out and march for Peace in order to sacrifice for it…you may not be ready to lay down your Life for Golden Peace as he did, however you can support Peace and promote it easily by chanting the Peace Mantras. This is not a difficult sacrifice to make.

All Ways re-member that the dark forces live on a diet of hostility, violence, confusion and other such vibrations that keep humanity feeling small, petty, fragmented and power-less. If you remember this, you will starve those dark forces and instead choose to feed the Peace of The Universe by singing along with the Peace Mantras and invocations.

By keeping company with these radiant Sacred Sounds you will notice a difference in your own frequency and in this way embody the change you desire to see in the world. The world will not change on its own…WE move it into another state by OUR thoughts and by the power of that which we envision. So know you are not power-less and in fact you are totally power-full! You can put that power to work by singing along with these Peace Mantras and songs.

Peace begins with each of us… I have Faith in you to make a positive difference and to complete your Highest Destiny by planting the seeds of Peace with your Peace Mantras and songs. All my love to you and Endless Victories in the name of The Light!