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Posted on Feb 18, 2017

In the News: Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song Publishes Violet Light

Violet Light iPad

Namaste, Impeccable Warriors of Light!

We are deLighted to announce the release of Violet Light, now available on these platforms:

Apple iTunesBarnes & Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle

The following press release announcement can also be found on PR Underground and PR Log:

(Yucatan, Mexico) Her Holiness Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song, a renowned Spiritual Master, Peace Shaman and founder of the Impeccable Warrior of Light Path has released Violet Light, Her newest book in the 30 e-book series, Shaman’s Art Journal: A Guide to Self Healing and EnLightenment.

In Book 3, Violet Light, Peace Mother shares Wisdom Teachings on the Universal Healing Force known as the Violet Light of Transmutation. The profound insights, exercises and Healing artwork (a Light Activation painting channeled through Peace Mother by Spirit) provide readers with potent techniques for invoking the Violet Light to Heal, Transform and Uplift people, places and situations. The insights, exercises and Healing artwork in this book include both ancient and modern techniques to call upon the Violet Light. The invocations, visualizations and affirmations in Violet Light emPower seekers to heal all types of Spiritual imbalance, dissolve negativity, focus their Power and live an Illumined Life, aligned with their brightest Soul Path.

“Access to the Violet Light is available to everyone…To every culture, society, religion and tradition,” Peace Mother relates. “It is universally available and delivers Healing and Transformation to anyone who applies it.”

Brimming with timeless Wisdom and Peace Mother’s Loving Compassion, Violet Light provides profound enCouragement and training to support a seeker’s journey to Soul balance, Self Healing and enLightenment.

About the Shaman’s Art Journal: A Guide to Self Healing and EnLightenment series:

The Shaman’s Art Journal series focuses on thirty paintings channeled through Peace Mother by Spirit, as well as the Spiritual training that took place during the creation process. The stories connected with each art image describe Peace Mother’s mystical journey from yogini and shamanic apprentice to Illumined Master. Each image is alive with Sacred Healing Power that accelerates the viewer on their Spiritual Path.

Included in each e-book is the artwork and a Divine Message, which shares the story of the Soul Evolution that took place before, during and after the paintings were completed and the Wisdom Teachings related to the Message theme. Meditations, contemplation exercises, Sacred Mantras, transformational affirmations and Shamanic training are also provided.

Obtain your copy of Violet Light today on:

Apple iTunesBarnes & Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle

With Joy-us waves of Peace and Light,
The IWOL Global Peace Team
On behalf of Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

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