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Posted on Feb 20, 2021

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song Thanks You For Your Donations, Part 1

Peace Mother shares how the non-profit A Center For Peace and Healing / Impeccable Warrior of Light has struggled during the pandemic and invites you to donate to help us survive. The Holy Mother also shares the many ways this non-profit expands Peace, Healing and EnLightenment within individuals and communities. Your donations will help us continue to heal the suffering in Humanity and amplify the Light within every being to empower them to reach their Brightest Destiny.

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song is an international Peace Shaman, Guru, Master Healer and embodiment of the Divine Mother of the Universe. She created the Impeccable Warrior of Light Tools and Training to help you travel the fast track to Peace, Healing and EnLightenment. Visit Peace Mother at the Impeccable Warrior of Light website