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About Peace Mother

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

Peace Mother is a world-recognized Mayan Peace Shaman, EnLightened Master, Master Healer and embodiment of The Divine Mother of The Universe.  She is a Holy Medicine Woman donated by Spirit to Heal Humanity and Mother Earth.  Filled with Limitless Compassion and sincere Love for All, She has conducted Soul Healing and Light Activation work for people of all ages around the world, including many healers, priests, ministers, Lamas, shamans and Spiritual leaders.

She is the author of The Impeccable Warrior of Light book and the Shaman’s Art Journal series.  As the Holy Mother, She has created Light-filled albums of ecstatic chanting and mantra, as well as a multitude of Sacred Tools, Golden Teachings and Soul Training for the EnLightenment and Upliftment of all beings.

EnLightened Master

As a fully EnLightened Spiritual Master, Peace Mother understands every aspect of human suffering. She is able to call forth Grace for you and your Life Path and help you break free of any torments and limitations that are blocking you from living your Highest Destiny.  Her ceaseless Gusto and Devotion to the Light is Highly contagious and fills you with Joy, Courage, Peace, Self-Respect, Fulfillment and Serenity.  Any contact with the Holy Mother is a mighty karmic Boon which instantly Uplifts you, Heals your Spirit, and Strengthens your Connection to your Angels, Spirit Guides and Divine Protectors.

With Joy-full Zest, a Compassionate Gaze and Light-charged Touch, the Holy Mother Activates the Light within all. Like all true Masters, She quickens your Divine Essence, Clearing you of negative karmic patterns and energy, Opening you to the Spiritual Guidance of your Higher Selves, Guiding you to our Highest Destiny.

Master Healer

Peace Mother is a Master Spiritual Healer – an Impeccable Warrior of Light – whose voice and presence overflow with Divine Grace.  She has Mastered Sacred Sound Medicine, Energy Medicine, and Spiritual Healing to the Highest degree. Her Sacred Sound, Protection Mantras, Peace Songs and Devotional Prayers are charged with Healing Vibrations that are Potently felt. The peak of Her Healing Vibration is felt through Her Holy Shaktipat Limpia Prayers, where She Bestows the Highest level of Vibration Healing to your Soul.

Her Vibration Infuses you with Greater Faith, Strength, Clarity and Spiritual Confidence. Her Healing Work is the Highest level of Energy Healing and Transforms you on all levels: physical, emotional and Spiritual.  Profoundly restorative and Uplifting, Her Power-full, Divinely Guided Healing is recognized around the world as Miraculous.

Master Mayan Peace Shaman

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song is internationally recognized as a Master Mayan Peace Shaman and ecstatic EnLightened Being.

The Holy Mother was initiated into the Ancient Science of Mayan Soul Healing by Don Jacinto Tzab Chac, one of Mexico’s most Power-full and BeLoved Mayan Shamans.  Her Holiness is trained in the Sacred Therapies that have been passed down through a Lineage of Mayan Shamans for thousands of years. A Master of Shamanic Healing, Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song is accomplished in Mayan Soul Retrieval and Her Miraculous Soul Recovery work is accomplished through Holy Shaktipat Limpias, Sacred Ceremony, Sacred Sound Medicine and the Shaman’s Dance-Movement.

Though there are shamanic practitioners throughout the world, a Peace Shaman is rare. Even rarer is a fully-realized Peace Shaman and EnLightened Master, whose Connection with Spirit allows Them to Heal in accordance with Divine Will. Peace Shamans are donated by Spirit to establish Peace on Earth by providing Soul Healing, Spiritual Protection and Perfect Spiritual Guidance.

Her Miraculous Work brings Prosperity, Spiritual Healing, Protection and Harmony to Humanity, the Land, Sky, Sacred Sites and Holy Waters by clearing negative energy and dissolves curses (negative programming) left behind by past generations.

Contact with Her thunderous Prayer Songs, potent Ceremonies and Golden Spiritual Guidance immediately strengthens a Joy-full connection with our Angels, Spirit Guides and Divine Protectors.

Peace Mother’s Eclectic Background

Peace Mother’s Rare Gift: Holy Shakipat Limpias and Light Activation Sessions

Healing from the Heart: The Impeccable Warrior of Light Path

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Praise for Peace Mother’s Grace

“Peace Mother is the Master of Happiness, Joy and Love. She is Amazing!” – An Impeccable Warrior of Light, California, USA

“During the challenge that I was experiencing at the time, I’d reached a point where I could not pray for my own Self. The more I tried…the worst things got. I was taking a beating, but not a physical one. I told God that I did not believe He would bring me this far and leave me. I told Him, “Send help and make it come to me in a hurry!” I was somehow directed to Peace Mother’s website and right away knew She was the One to pray me out of the situation I was facing. She is truly Divine Mother Grace in Perfect Expression reaching out to Humanity in Wondrous Ways. She and the Peace Team took time out to get me back in balance and on the road to Health, Peace of Mind, Strength, Happy thoughts, and a boldness I never knew I had, and most of all…Love.” – An Impeccable Warrior of Light, California, USA

“I have shared my experience with Peace Mother many times, but really it never ceases to Amaze me how the Divine works and flows through the teachers it sends…I re-member being on Facebook over a year ago, after months of praying for the right teacher, and Peace Mother’s picture came up and I was so filled with knowing that I must contact Her. But immediately my computer froze and I was not able to find Her picture again until about a week later, Her image reappeared. I found Peace Mother’s website and felt compelled to offer any volunteer services that I could.

During the time I was able to offer Seva for Peace Mother and A Center for Peace and Healing, countless Blessings and Higher understandings came forth into my Life. Through Her Holy Shaktipat Limpias I was Blessed to receive, and my own desire to Align with God in Greater Ways, I began to see major shifts in my Self, Life, home and family…

Within a year’s time, looking back now, I have a Great Faith in God that will not be shaken, I have reunited with one of my best friends and we are now planning a family together, my home is now a place of Great Peace and Harmony, my relations with all in my Life have improved and those who were not a Positive energy are no longer there…So many Blessings…The Greatest of all was to be the student and benefactor of Peace Mother’s Great Love. To be able to witness a True Warrior of the Light as Peace Mother, is a truly rare experience that can’t help but change your Life eternally.

I take Peace Mother’s Teaching with me everywhere I go – they are in my Heart as is She. Anyone who is able to be near Peace Mother and learn from Her, is truly Blessed. I would not want to think of where I would be if I had not met Her, but luckily the Divine is All Ways listening…When the student is ready the teacher will appear, just ask and you shall receive.

Thank you All Ways Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song- for Your Devotion to God and for Your Love!” – An Impeccable Warrior of Light, Arizona, USA