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Posted on Aug 22, 2014

Peace Mother, Your Prayers are Power-full and Bring Quick Relief!

A Testimonial on Holy Shaktipat Limpias for Neck and Body Pain

Namaste Peace Mother,

I am so impressed by Your Prayers! They are so Power-full! I had a pain in my neck for years now and no doctor could find the cause of it. The various doctors sent me for many tests and none could find anything wrong with me. After You did just ONE prayer for me over the phone most of the pain went away. I chose to have two more phone prayer sessions with You and by the second one there was no more pain at all! I did not need the third session for any pain issues, but I wanted to have another session so I could experience the Bliss and Peace that Your Prayer Songs Bestow. Maa, we miss You in India, but we are so Happy that even though You are far away, You are still on the planet and we can count on Your Potent Grace. Now I want to have more sessions, to help me reach EnLightenment! Jai, Jai Maa from me and my family!

H.S.P, Pune India