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Posted on Apr 16, 2015

Prayer beads for Spiritual Power!

Small Cat's Eye Crystal Mala Prayer Beads

Prayer beads are an easy way to generate great Spiritual Power to remove obstacles and dangers inherent in the Spiritual Path. Many global traditions such as the Buddhists, Hindus and Catholics all use Prayer beads to connect with their Source. I use Prayer beads from many traditions, as what is important to me is not what tradition it originates from, rather that I resonate with the color, material and overall visual image of the beads.

The feel and visual image of the beads must be pleasing to your Soul at that time. At another time, you may be moved to use another type of Prayer bead. Knowing how much I Love Vibrant colors, Swami Durgadas had prayer beads created to match my ceremonial clothes. That is how our web shop came to carry Prayer beads in all the rainbow colors!

Prayer beads must Inspire—they should attract you and fill you with a Soul contentment, a Happy-ness to wear them, look at them and touch them. If they don’t Inspire, you will not be pulled use them.

It has been my experience that Love is stronger than any tradition’s dogmatic rules. When an action is sponsored by the Heart and performed with a Pure intention, it is ALL-WAYS Lovingly received.

(Excerpt from The Impeccable Warrior of Light: Mantras and Rituals for Spiritual Protection written by Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song, available here)

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Waves of Love and Light to You

~The Global Peace Team