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Posted on Oct 9, 2014

Protect Your Body and Altar with Sacred Ash

Sacred Ash PowdersFire Ceremonies and Rituals have been a Power-full Spiritual Practice since Ancient Times. Many traditions utilize a Fire Ceremony to Connect with the Sacred and Invoke Divine Grace.

For example, in the Hindu Tradition during a Fire Ceremony Power-full Mantras from the Sacred Texts such as the Vedas and the Puranas are chanted. In addition, the finest Offerings such as clarified butter, black sesame seeds, milk, perfumed oils, fragrant wood, flowers, incense, gold and silver powder, and sweet puddings are made to the Fire. These Offerings are made as a way to thank Mother and Father God for what They have given us, and are a way of returning a small part of the Bounty-full Love and Blessings we receive.

Sacred or Holy Ash is what remains of the Offerings once the Sacred Ceremony ends. This Ash is permeated with the Vibrations of the Mantras and the Holy Intention held during the Fire Ceremony.

A Potent Spiritual Protection Tool, Sacred Ash can be incorporated into your own Ceremony and Altar Work. Placing even a small amount of Sacred Ash on your Altar will Amplify your Prayers and allow more Grace to Flow into all aspects of your Life.  You can also sprinkle Sacred Ash on anything you wish to Clear, Protect, or Transform.

Sacred Ash is used in the Catholic tradition on Ash Wednesday, when the Holy Ash is placed on the forehead as a Blessing and Holy ReMinder of God.  Yet Sacred Ash is an EnLightenment Tool you can use any Time, and it can become a part of your daily Spiritual Practices. To Protect and Fortify your Soul Essence, you can sprinkle some Sacred Ash over your Self before leaving your home each day. In addition, you can place Sacred Ash on any part of your body to Bless, Heal, and Strengthen it.  If you perform Healing Work, sprinkle Sacred Ash over a patient or place it on a particular area to manifest additional Spiritual Protection, Rejuvenation, and Positive Transformation.

We EnCourage you to experiment with Sacred Ash to Expand and Enhance your Spiritual Protection, Healing, and EnLightenment practices. In the Impeccable Warrior of Light Shaman’s Store, you can purchase Sacred Ash that has been additionally Blessed by the Holy Mother, Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song.

For more Golden Ways to use this and other Spiritual Protection Tools, we recommend Peace Mother’s book, The Impeccable Warrior of Light: Mantras and Rituals for Spiritual Protection.

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