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Posted on Aug 5, 2014

The Importance of Protecting Your Self, Loved Ones and Property


Spiritual Protection is the Key

You and Your Loved Ones Can Rapidly Experience Joy, Peace, Spiritual Strength and Success in All Areas of Your Life!

For your Life to advance to its Highest Destiny, it is necessary to Cleanse negative energies from within and around you, your Loved Ones, property, home and work. Clearing negativity opens up space in your Life for Positive Energy to flourish, bringing forth a Life brimming with Success and Harmony. Peace Mother Compassionately offers many Spiritual Protection Tools and Practices to help you Cleanse away negative energies and Protect your Self and Loved Ones. Here are links to some of Her valuable Tools:

Why Protection and Energy Cleansing is Important

Energy is contagious – and moves from one person to another just as bacteria can. Every day you and your Loved Ones cross paths with many people and situations that carry negative energies that cause suffering in their lives. Just as it is important to wash your hands to Cleanse and Protect your Self from bacteria that can cause illness, it is important to maintain steady Energy Cleansing for your Light to shine It’s brightest. To attract and enhance Blessings into your Life, it is vital to Protect your Self and others at all times from negative energies. By doing so, you and your Loved Ones can more easily maintain Peace, Health, Harmony, Prosperity and Success in all Positive endeavors.

Examples of the Kinds of Problems Negative Energies Create

  • Lack of Cooperation, dis-Respect, dis-Harmony, violence, anger, lies, cheating, stealing, foul language, gossip, alcoholism and drugs disrupt relationships and cause suffering for all involved
  • Negative attitudes, confusion, losses, bad luck, illness/death in the family or with pets
  • Accidents can cause financial losses, depression, Self condemnation and other limitations that block you from living your most Radiant Life
  • Addictions, obesity, overspending, over indulgence and low Self-esteem can all lead to careless behavior, guilt, laziness, mental haziness, confusion and resistance to the Positive things that can benefit you

You and your Loved Ones can be relieved from and Protected from experiencing any of these issues personally by doing daily Energy Cleansing and applying Protection Practices. The Impeccable Warrior of Light Path is your Guide to achieving Success and Harmony in your Mind, Body, Heart, Home and Highest Desires.

Benefits of Protection and Energy Cleansing for Your Self and Loved Ones

  • Freedom from negative blocks, bringing forth a Golden Life brimming with Success, Prosperity and Happiness
  • Removal of negative programming, opening your Soul to Greater Love, Purity, Compassion and Grace
  • Clearing of inner negativity, which Expands Light Energy within for Increased Health, Beauty, Joy and Peace
  • Overcome illness, addictions, negative memories, the pain-full past, phobias and other limiting conditions so you can Connect fully with Loved Ones and EnJoy a Balanced, Radiant, Rich, Soul-Satisfying Life
  • Increased Spiritual Confidence, Creativity and Devotion which attracts the Perfect Soul-companions, Divine Protectors and Spirit Guides that are part of your Highest Destiny Path

Effective Protection and Energy Cleansing Tools

Ways to Protect Property and Spaces

Why Do Property and Spaces Need Protection and Energy Cleansing?

It is Supremely vital to create Protective Shields around places you cherish and that Support your Prosperity. By not having Protection within and around your Sacred places such as home and business, you are leaving the door open for all types of negative energies to enter and cause disruptions. Negative energies jeopardize Peace, Prosperity, Joy, Health and many other Golden Virtues that Support your Highest Destiny Path. Daily Protection is Wise, and securing your home, office and spaces, attracts the Positive Energies that Support you and your Golden Life Force so your Highest Self can emerge and your Highest Destiny can blossom Brilliantly!

Praise for the Spiritual Protection Tools

“Greetings and Blessings Dear Peace Mother,

I have been reading The Impeccable Warrior of Light book and praying each day. Through Your Teachings, I now understand more about my Life and the beings in it, and this allows me to look at the world so differently! Thank You so much! I can see the holes I have carried in my Aura and now recognize that I have had MANY of them! No wonder I have suffered so much!

I can also see that I was propelled into shock from everything I went through, and due to that, I could not even be Aware of how to Protect my weak areas, which led to further illness, further problems with my relationships, funds and attitude. Now, with the help of the Holy Shaktipat Limpias and The Impeccable Warrior of Light Path, I have learned the many ways I can Clear my Self of all these weaknesses. GOD has obviously Guided me to You. Thank You from the bottom of my being for coming into my Life dear Peace Mother – I AM so BLESSED!”
~ KD, Southern California, USA


Recommended Tools for Protecting People, Property and Spaces