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Purchase Holy Shaktipat Limpia Sessions

You may select and purchase your desired Holy Shaktipat Limpia sessions below. Once your sessions are purchased, we will email you the Preparation Instruction Sheet and Background Information Sheet. Peace Mother will review your Background Information Sheet before your session and with you during your session.
Note: Before purchasing your Holy Shaktipat Limpia Sessions, please read our Medical Disclaimer. By making your purchase you understand and agree to the terms in the medical disclaimer.

Online Pre-Recorded Audio Holy Shaktipat Limpia Sessions

Approximately 35 minutes per session

Peace Mother’s pre-recorded online Holy Shaktipat Limpia Healing Prayer. Available to listen to at your convenience.

  • 1 session: $175 USD
  • 10 session series: $1500 USD

Remote Holy Shaktipat Limpia Sessions

Approximately 1 hour per session

Remote Healing for you or a Loved One. Send your prayer request and a picture, which Peace Mother will pray over at Her Altar.

  • 1 session: $200 USD
  • 10 sessions: $1,750 USD
  • 20 sessions: $3,000 USD
  • 30 sessions: $3,750 USD

Phone Holy Shaktipat Limpia Sessions

Approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours per session

Over the phone; Peace Mother will phone you at the appointed time.

  • 1 session $500 USD
  • 3 sessions: $1325 USD

In-Person Holy Shaktipat Limpia Sessions

Approximately 3 hours per session

To receive an in-person Holy Shaktipat Limpia with Divine Mother is a rare and profound Gift. These are rarely available and may not be available much longer.

Starting at $1500 per person

Please contact us for more details

Holy Shaktipat Limpias or Sacred Ceremony
for a Group of People

Approximately 1-2 hours per session

Receive Holy Shaktipat Limpia Prayers or Sacred Ceremonial Work for everyone in a group at the same time.

  • Please contact us with the details of your request. Once your date and arrangements have been confirmed, you can return here and pay using the “donate” button.