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Posted on Aug 21, 2015

Revelations from the Impeccable Warrior of Light book

A student’s experience of Her Holiness’ book, The Impeccable Warrior of Light.

Blessings dear Peace Mother,

I have been studying Your Holy Teachings for about one year and have since had the Great fortune and Golden opportunity to experience Your Holy Shaktipat Limpia sessions and serve on the Golden Global Peace Team.

Today I revisited some text from the Impeccable Warrior of Light book, which I do daily as a Spiritual Practice. This is one of your Teachings and now I see how valuable this Wisdom Practice is. As I read through the text, I realized that the meaning of the text and my experience of it have completely shifted!

When I read through the paragraphs today, I could allow each word to touch my deeper Heart and Golden Mind. Previously, although I “read” Your book, I was only able to grasp the highlights. When reading through the book with the heightened Awareness and expanded Consciousness received from the Holy Shaktipat Limpias and offering Seva, it was clear that my limited mind had remembered only a fraction of the text that was actually on each page!

I am Great-full to now be able to dive further into the Ocean of Wisdom You provide on so many levels in the Impeccable Warrior of Light book.

Thank You Peace Mother for this treasure and all Your Sacred Gifts: they are such amazing EnLightenment Tools!



In Love and Peace,

~ An Impeccable Warrior of Light, USA