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Posted on Jul 10, 2014

Sacred Rocket Strength 9-Day Clearing Kit

Rocket Strength 9 Day Cleansing Kit This Sacred Energy Cleansing Kit will make a quick difference in rapidly removing layers of negative forces from your space or property.  If you find it challenging to remain Positive and Strong despite all your Spiritual Practices, saturating your space with this Rocket Strength formula will sweep out the layers of hindering forces immediately.  This Sacred Kit is an easy-to-use, 9-day Spiritual and Energy Cleansing Tool.  A small quantity of Divine Mother’s Blessed, Protective Elements are to be applied each day over 9 days, or more if needed.  Due to the Potency of this Blessed Kit, it is recommended to conduct a thorough cleaning of the space after the Sacred Cleansing Kit has been completed.  The Sacred Rocket Strength 9-Day Kit is a practical solution for Impeccably clearing intense negative energies in the home, office, or property.This Sacred Kit and all items in the Shaman’s store are Blessed by Her Holiness, Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song.

$50 for the Sacred Rocket Strength 9-Day Energy Cleansing Kit

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