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Posted on Jun 17, 2015

Sacred Teachings on The Golden Ways of a Champion


Peace Mother’s Sacred Teachings on The Golden Ways of a Champion

A letter from Divine Mother to one of Her students

Wisdom Waves to you dearest one…Maa is so pleased to see how Peace has instilled Itself in you…How it has expanded and infused those around you.  Your Commitment to the Practices…your Constant re-connecting with the Golden Energy Principles…And your Consistent connection with the inner and outer Brilliant Light has fostered deeper Devotion, Self Love and Clarity.

“A coward shrinks back when challenged…A Champion experiences that challenges fuel their 
Determination.  To a Champion, challenges are allies that spur on the Champion, sparking Greater Dedication to the Mission.

“You had a choice of whether to align with the petty ego or whether to instead maintain the Champion of 
Light Perspective.  By choosing the Wisdom Point of View, you were able to stay on course, with an increased Commitment to your Highest Destiny.  Bravo! Well Done, young Champion!  The Universe applauds this Excellent, Wise Choice.

“One Wise Choice brings more actions of Self-Respect…and likewise, one negative, demeaning choice 
opens the door to more such folly.  Congratulations for breaking free of ‘comfort’ in favor of Freedom.

“Infinite Victories for your Light, today and All Ways…JAI JAI MAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”