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Posted on Feb 25, 2016

Secrets of Conscious Communication: 7 Sacred Words to EnLighten Your Life

Unlock the SecreConscious Communicationts of Conscious Communication
Throughout the Impeccable Warrior of Light (IWOL) website and within Peace Mother’s books and Teachings, many words are spelled or capitalized in what appears to be an unusual manner, for example All Ways, re-member or Beauty-full. The purpose behind Peace Mother and IWOL’s unique spelling is to give Power and emphasis to the deeper meaning of words, especially those which are Sacred and Holy. Practicing Conscious Communication is very beneficial in so many ways.

The Impeccable Warrior of Light Wisdom Language is a language that moves us closer to EnLightenment. Using the IWOL Wisdom Language can reveal the mystical Sacred Truths and open the door to fully experiencing the deepest Cosmic Wisdom and Sacred Knowledge. Reading, thinking and speaking these words is the first step in re-Awakening your Mighty Soul Power through Conscious Communication!

So go ahead, let your Light shine through your Loving and Luminous words!

Words have a Life of their own, each emitting their own Energetic Vibration. When read or experienced, Holy Words and Sacred Sounds can bring you to new levels of Awareness, both Consciously and subconsciously.

As an EnLightened Master, Peace Mother Lovingly Honors the Sacred Spirit of each word, sound, and spelling She chooses to use. Her Holiness is aware that by opening our Minds and Hearts to Conscious, EnLightened communication, we loosen the chains of conditioning that enslave the Mind and keep us in a hypnotic, Life-less trance.

This hypnotic trance, or Shamanic Amnesia, prevents us from feeling the Power of these words. Contained within them is such a depth of emotion, that when spelled in this unusual way, we begin to peel back the thick heavy layers that keep us numb to the ecstatic Bliss, Joy and Golden Light which constantly emanates from our Soul.

Feeling the Conscious Communication

Using these special spellings helps us take a moment to pause and reflect, even for just one second, and FEEL the emotion tied to the Sacred word.

For instance, how do you feel when you read the following Sacred words?


Can you feel your mind and Spirit shift into a Brighter, more expanded state?

Impeccable Warrior of Light Exercises

Exercise 1:

To take the first step in becoming an Impeccable Warrior of Light, we EnCourage you to read the Holy Mother’s Sacred Language with fresh eyes and an open Heart. Through Conscious Communication, we become open to receiving the Positive Energy these words carry, allowing it to flow through our writings and speech.

Exercise 2:

In addition, start using Sacred Language in your day-to-day communication. Choose a Sacred word or two and commit to using it throughout your day. Very soon, you can feel your Self uniting with its Conscious CommunicationHigher Vibration and attracting more Goodness and Positivity into your Life.

By practicing Conscious and EnLightened Language, you can receive ALL of the many Blessings contained therein!

Share this Golden message with your friends, so they too can bathe in the Jubilant Light of the Universe!


In Peace and Light,

The Global Peace Team
On behalf of Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song