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Posted on Jan 7, 2015

Seva is my Anchor to the Light!


Sea bottom with shells and stones

Serving others is a surefire way of opening up the Path in your own Life. The Seva I have offered to Divine Mother’s Mission has been my anchor in the surging waves of Life. Though all waves are waves of Bliss, some are a bit tougher to ride then others! My dedication to selflessly serving the Light has been my Life line to stability and Strength. Seva offers you a way back to the Light. It calls you back to center and steadies your Soul. When your Life is full of confusion and you’re not sure whats what, Seva will be that piece of constancy you can depend on. It is an incredible Blessing to have that steady Life line to hold onto as you journey forward towards the Light! Thanks to Grace, I was able to grab that saving line and I’ve been holding on since!

~Impeccable Warrior of Light, Los Angeles, CA, USA


An Invitation to Selfless Service from Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song