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Posted on Jan 16, 2015

Seva, The Key to Soul Success

Golden key to success.

I first heard about Peace Mother while I was undergoing treatment for a rare and aggressive form of cancer.  I was very weak from undergoing chemotherapy, but after receiving Her Holy Shaktipat Limpia Prayer I felt a tremendous difference in my energy level.  After this session with Her Holiness, She invited me to offer Seva(Selfless Service) if I so wished.  I was elated! I knew that offering Selfless Service to a Holy Being would Accelerate my Healing and allow my Life to transform in the Best Ways possible.

Peace Mother’s Teachings, Prayers, and the Seva I offered (often from a hospital bed) resulted in my curing the cancer after requesting an early stop to conventional medical treatment.  When I announced my decision to cease chemotherapy, one oncologist looked me in the eye and said I was signing my death certificate.

However, through Her Holiness’s Grace, my Seva, and my effort to Align with Truth and Self Love, my Intuition firmly told me at that Time that I was to stop treatment and I stuck to my decision.

Now months later, I have been declared “in remission” and continue to Joy-fully offer Seva to the Divine Mother of the Universe.  As I look back, this decision process was about more than just my Life; it was about standing up for the Truth, Faith and Goodness I believed in and my inner Power to manifest Positive realities.

Peace Mother continues to shower Her Grace and Timeless Wisdom upon my family and me. Each day I can feel my Life shifting to include more Great Healing, Love, Peace, Strength, Abundance, Compassion and all the Golden Virtues.

My deepest thanks and Appreciation Divine Mother and the Legions of Light for Your Infinite Love and Grace, the Mightiest Forces in the Universe

~Impeccable Warrior of Light and Global Peace Team Member

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