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An Invitation to Selfless Service from Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

Blessings dear one…I am so Happy that you are reading this invitation and Contemplating offering Seva. I Love to offer Seva to Humanity, the Legions of Light, Mother Earth and the Golden Virtues such as Love, Compassion and Peace…and I invite you to experience the Bliss and Grace that is cultivated by donating Self-less Service.

From the beginning of time all Great Beings have Enriched their Spiritual Journey by offering Seva. Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning “serving Humanity Selflessly” and offering Seva is one of the most important steps towards EnLightenment.

The normal human condition is one based in thoughts of “me, my and mine,” with the entire focus of Energy on Self-serving, ego-centric actions. However, when a person puts their ego aside and Humbly offers to assist a Noble cause, such as this one, the Celestial and Earth Forces applaud and beam Their Love to such a being.

When someone is willing to help in any way, without expecting their ego to be fed, without expecting any thing in return, the Purity of their Intention Amplifies their inner Light. By Aligning with the Golden Principles of Pure Action, Humility, Devotion to the Golden Virtues and Purity of Mind, your Pure-Hearted desires nourish the Light of the Universe.

Through your Golden Actions, the Dharma, the Goodness of the Universe is Strengthened and has a better chance of being Triumphant over any existent darkness. Besides bolstering the Golden Principles of the Universe through your own Pure Actions, your Selfless Service earns you Golden Merit, which Purifies your Soul and Karmic Path. So the true reality is that we offer a little Seva and yet, we are rewarded hugely by having our karmic account cleared of layers of negative karma accumulated during countless re-incarnations.

The Law of Many Returns states that all Goodness must be returned to you at least ten-fold, yet, I petition Divine Mother to Bless all those who support us by returning their Kindness to them in magnified, Exalted Ways, whether that be one hundred-fold, one thousand-fold or more! Imagine how much Grace you are accumulating by offering Seva!

The more Seva you offer, the more you invite the Compassion of the Universe to Bless you. This Compassionate Grace accumulates…It is a Spiritual bank account that will eventually return all that has been invested in it, plus more. Not only is this Grace fund available to you at crucial times to help Uplift your Life, but you can also donate the earned Golden Merit to Uplift the lives of your present Loved Ones, your Ancestors, all future generations and every sentient being that has ever existed.

Isn’t it Beauty-full that you can be generous, as are Father Sun, Mother Moon, the Stars, Trees, Winds, Sacred Waters, Mother Earth and the Legions of Light! It is Soul-satisfying to be flooded with waves of Purity and we experience this Purity when given in the same way all of nature gives to us: in Loving Selfless Service…

I invite you to move the Heavens to rejoice…by offering your Seva or by donating funds to support this Mission, you will help us shower the world with Grace. Your donations expand Peace Consciousness on Mother Earth and help all beings reach EnLightenment.

A Center for Peace and Healing welcomes the Kindness and Compassion from all beings who choose to earn Good Karma by contributing resources to support our mission of Peace for All. There are currently many ways you can assist this Divine Work, including donating your skills, funding, equipment, land, houses, vehicles and Time.

Gracias for sharing this message with others…your support is vastly Appreciated.

All my Love to you and your Loved Ones…JAI JAI MAAAAAAAAAAA, VICTORY TO THE LIGHT!


~Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song


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