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Shamanic Training

Impeccable Warrior of Light offers Sacred, Shamanic Training based on the Golden Ways of Peace, Healing, Spiritual Protection, Global Shamanism, Sacred Ceremony, and more.  Through Her Grace, Peace Mother offers us numerous tools to support your Training and Mastering the EnLightening Teachings She bestows.  For information about our IWOL Tools and Practices, see our Practice Blog.

Getting Started

If you are new to Peace Mother, Impeccable Warrior of Light, and Shamanic Training we recommend:

– Reading The Impeccable Warrior of Light book

– Learning about Spiritual Protection and how our Power-full Sacred Tools can support you on your Life Path

– Sign up for a Uplifting and Energy Cleansing Holy Shaktipat Limpia to experience a Supremely Healing shower of Divine Light!

Basic Training (free!)

This website is one of many Sacred Tools that can support your ongoing Shamanic Training and Spiritual growth.  Regardless of your Life Path, your Soul’s mission will be more easily and successfully completed by connecting deeply with your Divine Nature,  your Spirit Guides and Protectors, and by implementing the Champion Ways of the Impeccable Warrior of Light.

Here are some ways to train with us:

– Visit this website and read our posts and Practice Blog

– Connect with us online via Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to receive Inspiring and EnLightening Teachings about the Spiritual Path

– Sign up for our newsletter to receive monthly Wisdom Teachings, as well as program updates and Sacred Offerings from the Holy Mother!

EnLightenment Essentials

We will be launching our online course series shortly.  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of this launch!

Advanced Training

At this time, we have select openings for individuals who deeply desire to serve the Light on behalf of Humanity and wish to embody Peace Mother’s Wisdom, Love, and Grace in their daily lives.  We invite all who wish to apply through our Seva department.

You can read about and apply for Seva (selfless service) here.


~ Read more about the IWOL Wisdom Language here ~