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Shaman’s Store

The Impeccable Warrior of Light Shaman’s Store is here to support your Soul’s Divine Path and emPower you to live your Brightest Destiny.

All our store items are Blessed by Peace Mother and carry Her Power-full intention or “sankalpa“: to uplift all beings and carry all Souls to unwavering EnLightenment.

We carry items for Self Healing, Spiritual Protection, Altar and Ceremonial Work, and much, much more.

Be sure to explore Her Holiness’ Sacred Mantra albums, which contain Peace Mother’s uplifting and Power-full vocals accompanying Ancient Sacred Mantras and Chants from eclectic Spiritual Traditions.

Popular Tools

Blessed Maa Durga Yantra – Sacred Yantra for Protection

This Holy Yantra is an Ancient Sacred geometric design that Invokes Divine Mother in the form Durga, the Warrioress. The Durga Yantra is a Potent and Power-full Yantra, for Durga is also known as the Great Protectess. Divine Mother Durga Clears obstacles and difficulties of all kinds, transforming negative energies, negative karmas, limiting programming, ghosts […]

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Blessed Shamanic Healing Rattles

These Blessed Rattles are a Shamanic Tool and have a unique Sacred Sound that is Healing to the Spirit and intolerable to negative energies. The Holy Mother uses these Blessed Rattles in Her Healing Work, in Her Shamanic Training programs and throughout Sacred Ceremonies to dissolve dark forces and amplify Love and Light wherever She […]

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Peace Is Triumphant, Love Is The Answer: Peace Songs, Prayers and Invocations

The Land, Waters, Earth, Heavens and all Living beings are flooded with Bliss-full waves of Mighty Peace upon hearing the Holy Mother’s Power-full Divine vocals calling forth Unity and Harmony. These Sacred Songs and Prayers EmPower you to become a Triumphant instrument of Peace, armed with Sweetness and Victory-Us authority. Potent lyrics, Radiant harmonies by […]

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Om Namah Shivaya: Mantra for Meditation, EnLightenment, and Ecstatic Dancing!

In the yogic tradition, the Mantra Om Namah Shivaya is known for its Power to Invoke immediate EnLightenment. This Supreme Mantra Liberates us from suffering and increases Peace, Spiritual Strength, Divine Protection and Creativity. Repeating this Ancient Sacred Healing Sound increases the Light within, dissolving obstacles and negative layers of programming. Her Holiness Peace Mother […]

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Jai Jai Maa: Invoking the Blazing Light of Harmony

  This easy-to-chant Mantra Invokes The Divine Mother of Harmony as the Triumphant Light Of The Universe. She Who Is Rays Of Light Illumines the path for all Creation, Clearing obstacles to Unity and Harmony. The rhythm and vocals from Peace Mother and the Global Peace Musicians create a serenade, flooding us with Pure Love, […]

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