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Essential Tools

The Impeccable Warrior of Light essential Tools support you in traveling the Fast Track to your Highest Destiny!

Blessed Shamanic Healing Rattles

These Blessed Rattles are a Shamanic Tool and have a unique Sacred Sound that is Healing to the Spirit and intolerable to negative energies. The Holy Mother uses these Blessed Rattles in Her Healing Work, in Her Shamanic Training programs and throughout Sacred Ceremonies to dissolve dark forces and amplify Love and Light wherever She […]

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Sacred Smudge Starter Kit

This beginner’s Sacred Smudge kit will help you quickly get started with smudging and Clearing your home. The kit and ingredients can also be used in Healing Work, Sacred Ceremony, and more.A great gift idea for both beginners and experienced smudgers!Our Sacred Smudge Starter Kit and all items in the Shaman’s store are Blessed by the […]

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Mystical Protective Shield: Clearing, Protection, and Victory Dance Mantras

Install the Mystical Protective Shield around your Self, living or working space, automobile, land, etc. This Ancient Sacred Mantra commands all negative forces to leave you in Peace, return to Divine Source and become Instruments for Good. Peace Mother’s Grace-full vocals Cleanse the listener and space of limiting energies, Infusing you and all beings with […]

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Kali Durge Namo Nama: Ancient Mantra for Spiritual Protection and Victory

Kali Durge Namo Nama is an Ancient Mantra for Spiritual Protection that will help Strengthen and Protect your Mind, Body, Spirit, office and home. Kali and Durge are two aspects of the same Warrior Goddess who defends the Spiritual seeker from negative or evil forces. Both children and adults have shared that this Mantra has […]

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Jai Jai Maa: Invoking the Blazing Light of Harmony

  This easy-to-chant Mantra Invokes The Divine Mother of Harmony as the Triumphant Light Of The Universe. She Who Is Rays Of Light Illumines the path for all Creation, Clearing obstacles to Unity and Harmony. The rhythm and vocals from Peace Mother and the Global Peace Musicians create a serenade, flooding us with Pure Love, […]

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