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Sacred Ash

In the Hindu tradition, Fire Ceremonies have been a Power-full practice since Ancient times. During the fire Ceremony, Mantras from the Sacred texts such as the Vedas and Puranas are chanted to Invoke the presence of the Supreme God of Light.

At Fire Ceremonies the finest Offerings such as clarified butter, black sesame seeds, milk, perfumed oils, fragrant wood, flowers, incense, gold & silver powder and sweet puddings are made to the fire. These Offerings are made as a way to thank Mother and Father God for what They have given us, and are a way of returning a small part of the bountiful Grace that we receive.

This Sacred Ash is what remains of the Offerings once the Ceremony ends and this Sacred Ash is permeating with the intention put in the Fire Ceremony.

Our Sacred Ash and all other items in our Shaman’s Store are Blessed by Her Holiness Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song.

Sacred Ash Powder

These Potent Sacred Ash Powders made from Ceremonial Ash carry an infusion of Prayer and Sacred Power. They can be used on Altars, as part of Rituals, and for Healing and karmic transformation. The Sacred Ash Blesses and Protects wherever it is placed. Our Sacred Ash Powders and all products from the Shaman’s store are Blessed […]

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