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Sacred Oils

Our Blessed Sacred Oils contain a special scent and Power-full Vibration that connects you instantly with your Spiritual, Divine Nature.  These rare scents can be applied to your Shamanic Rattles and other ritual items or to the body. When these special blends are applied on the body, the chakras instantly react, spinning in a Joy-full way.

Our Sacred Oils are frequently used to assist in Meditation, to enhance Spiritual Protection, to invoke a Blessing or Prayer, to Heal areas of the body, and much more.

Are you ready to fill your Spirit with Tranquility, Self Love and Balance? Activate the Light within you with our Blessed Sacred Oils!

Our Sacred Oils and all other items in our Shaman’s Store are Blessed by Her Holiness Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song.

Sacred Kundalini Activation Oil

  This rare Sacred Oil has been created especially for Peace Mother and Impeccable Warrior of Light Path.  This Sacred oil is used for opening up the third eye and activating the Kundalini (Creative Energy).  It is excellent for use during Meditation and brings instant Tranquility and Peace, Connecting you immediately to your Higher Self. […]

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Sacred Floral Oils for Healing and Ritual

Our Sacred Floral Healing and Ritual Oils are made from the Essence of plants known for their Strong Protective qualities. These Oils can be used in any way you wish to enhance your Spiritual Practices and Healing Ways, for example by anointing your Self, prayer requests, or pictures of those you wish to Heal. Our Sacred […]

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