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Posted on Aug 22, 2014

Spiritual Healing and Protection through Sacred Sound

A Testimonial about Shamanic Energy Healing and Spiritual Protection Tools for Children, Fevers, and Disinterest in Food

From our mailbox:

I am one of Peace Mother’s assistants in India. I have a 5 year old niece who is very thin due to eating very little. She never has any appetite and has no favorite foods.

We had been worried about her for a long time, especially since she had a condition where she would often get intense fevers. Each time the doctors were not able to find anything wrong with her and then a few days later, the fever would disappear and then reappear once again.

One day I mentioned it to Shanti Maa (Peace Mother) and the Holy Mother explained to me that Isha’s condition was due to her hypersensitivity.

Shanti Maa Clarified to us that the fever was Isha’s Spiritual reaction to the buildup of negative energies in our home. It is true that we have 20 to 30 people visit the home daily and we have 12 others who are living with us in a small space, so emotions often erupt.

Shanti Maa gave Isha a Blessing and Gifted our family a Blessed Shamanic Healing Rattle, explaining to me that this sacred rattle was one of the main tools She uses in Her Holy Shaktipat Limpia work for individuals, spaces and places.

Shanti Maa instructed that Isha was to rattle loudly all around her Self to Clear her Self of any negative vibrations that attach to her in the course of daily Life.

She also told us that Isha, along with our help, was to learn to cleanse the home regularly with the sound of the rattle, to drive out any layers of negativity.

We implemented it right away and since then Isha has not had a single fever and is eating much better!”
~ Impeccable Warrior of Light, India

The Blessed Shamanic Healing Rattle

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