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Spiritual Protection and Energetic Defense eBooks

In The Impeccable Warrior of Light: Become a Master of Your Golden Energy, Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song shares Her shamanic insight on how you can reclaim your Divine Energy, align with your Divine Essence and empower your Soul to complete its deepest purpose.

Each page brims with priceless wisdom from Peace Mother’s EnLightened perspective on how positive and negative energies affect your Golden Energy, the Golden Light and Life Force that powers your daily decisions and Highest Destiny. The Holy Mother provides practical guidance on how to augment your Golden Life Force and boost the Light in every area of your Life.

In this Life-enhancing book, Peace Mother reveals how you can eliminate negative energies that rob you of your Golden Energy, to live as an Impeccable Warrior of Light. With this clear, EmPowering Wisdom, you can move through Life with impeccable awareness, conscious use of your Golden Energy and potent spiritual protection practices that connect you with your Divine Guidance in a greater way.

The Impeccable Warrior of Light Wisdom speaks to all spiritual paths, gathering the most essential universal truths that will surely illuminate your own Life Journey. If you are ready to live a Life of Self Love, Peace, Wisdom and steady Oneness with your spiritual destiny, then this is the sacred book you’ve been waiting for!

The Impeccable Warrior of Light: Become a Master of Your Golden Energy is available at iTunes and Amazon.