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Posted on Jul 25, 2019

Spiritual Protection and Energetic Defense E-books

In The Impeccable Warrior of Light: Become a Master of Your Golden Energy, Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song shares Her shamanic insight on how you can reclaim your Divine Energy, align with your Divine Essence and empower your Soul to complete its deepest purpose.

Each page brims with priceless wisdom from Peace Mother’s EnLightened perspective on how positive and negative energies affect your Golden Energy, the Golden Light and Life Force that powers your daily decisions and Highest Destiny. The Holy Mother provides practical guidance on how to augment your Golden Life Force and boost the Light in every area of your Life.

In this Life-enhancing book, Peace Mother reveals how you can eliminate negative energies that rob you of your Golden Energy, to live as an Impeccable Warrior of Light. With this clear, EmPowering Wisdom, you can move through Life with impeccable awareness, conscious use of your Golden Energy and potent spiritual protection practices that connect you with your Divine Guidance in a greater way.

The Impeccable Warrior of Light Wisdom speaks to all spiritual paths, gathering the most essential universal truths that will surely illuminate your own Life Journey. If you are ready to live a Life of Self Love, Peace, Wisdom and steady Oneness with your spiritual destiny, then this is the sacred book you’ve been waiting for!

The Impeccable Warrior of Light: Become a Master of Your Golden Energy is available at iTunes and Amazon.

As we expand our consciousness, we come to realize that the most precious jewels are the spiritual Truths which set us free. Wisdom is truly priceless… especially Wisdom Teachings that have been passed down through a lineage of Masters over several generations. Lightworker’s Energetic Protection: Transforming Darkness to Light is one such collection of Teachings, absolutely rich and replete with the life-saving descriptions of how to foster your own personal relationship with the Light in order to protect your sacred Life Force from the various dark forces and energies which try to prey upon it.

Are you sensitive? Do you find yourself feeling, at every level, the pain of others whose paths you cross? Do you feel you are bombarded by impressions of others’ suffering? Whether it is you who is sensitive or someone dear to you, you will be relieved to read Peace Mother’s teachings for sensitive people, which illuminate the relationship between an open, receptive person and psychic sensitivity. Understanding your sensitive nature will help clarify why you are often subject to feeling so much pain and darkness. Peace Mother’s empowering insights and affirmations can transform your life as they have done for people throughout the world. Her words will provide you priceless guidance for interacting with friends, family, community, Mother Earth and your Spirit Guides as an unstoppable, unshakable Lightworker.

Are you ready to heal yourself, break free of negative patterns and become brighter/stronger on ALL levels? With refreshing honesty, Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song imparts the degree of devotion and committed application it takes to stand up and fight against the dark forces effectively. Her testimony will fortify you in generating your own determination and dedication to the Light, so you can start winning the battles you’ve been waging throughout your life.

If you are ready to take the next steps in your Energetic Protection, then do not wait to get started! These enlightening Wisdom Teachings are a gift to humanity, and you have the incredible opportunity in Lightworker’s Energetic Protection: Transforming Darkness to Light to begin implementing these time-tested techniques, tools, and affirmations immediately.

Begin RIGHT NOW to protect your Luminous Energy from attacks by dark forces and experience quantum leaps in your Luminous Awareness and Power. As Peace Mother became a Master Lightworker, so can you!

Lightworker’s Energetic Protection: Transforming Darkness to Light is available on Amazon and iTunes.