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Posted on Aug 22, 2014

Thank You Peace Mother for this Cosmic Experience!

From an Impeccable Warrior of Light:
I’ve been Blessed to receive Mayan Holy Shaktipat Limpia sessions from Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song. Recently, I had my eyes closed as Peace Mother began to sing the Prayers, and the image of the Divine Mother appeared, rather large and in the night sky. Her Grace was manifesting as Golden sparkling rain which made a Beautiful Aura around Her body and garments, both of which were made of indescribable Light. I appeared below, also made of Light, and Divine Mother sent forth a beam of white Spiritual Light from Her Heart to me. My response was to send a similar beam from my Heart to Hers. This happened, it seems, three or four times and then we were gently embraced by a spiraling energy turning us round and round, raising me and then wrapping our Light bodies in a Graceful twist. As we spiraled upward everything sped up until we arrived at the summit of our assent and Divine Mother’s Grace exploded in a large circle similar to Golden fireworks, in a gigantic shower of Golden Light raining Grace upon all of Creation. Even though this was days ago, the Amazing experience lives on in a Beautiful Way in my being.

Jai Maaaaaa, Jai Shri Shri RadheGovinda!

~S.D., USA