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The Impeccable Warrior of Light path is a Heart-centered practice, where students train in the Sacred Ways of Love, Light, Spiritual Protection, and creating Peace within and without.


Peace Mother’s Mission

One part of Peace Mother’s Mission is to rekindle Humanity’s collective Shamanic Memory, enabling us to re-member and be EmPowered to Transform all energies, realities, situations, people and places in the Highest Way.

Through your own Sacred Training, steady Practice, and by Invoking Waves of Divine Grace, it is possible to become an Impeccable Warrior of Light! As an Impeccable Warrior of Light, you whole-Heartedly commit to defend your own Luminous Soul Light and all the Golden Virtues, becoming a Source of ceaseless Love and Compassion for all beings.

What is an Impeccable Warrior of Light?

An Impeccable Warrior of Light is synonymous with a being living their Highest Destiny All Ways.  They are Joy-fully experiencing their Life Path (Dharma) while living in Oneness with the Golden Principles of Love, Compassion, Joy, Peace, Courage, Strength, and much more.  They Love the Light and defend it!  They practice Spiritual Protection and Self Healing and, out of Love, stand up for the Light within themselves and all Humanity.

Who can be an Impeccable Warrior of Light?

YOU CAN! As Peace Mother and all EnLightened Beings say, “The Path is open to everyone.”  No matter what background, race, religion, experience or expectation, the Impeccable Warrior of Light Teachings, Tools and Practices can be used to make your Life Positive, Harmony-us (Harmonious) and Golden.

The Impeccable Warrior of Light Practices

Peace Mother Teaches that the Way to Mastering Impeccability is to practice.  If we wish to live Healthy, Abundant, Joy-full lives, we must practice it.  In the Shamanic tradition, a Peace Shaman learns to recognize Energy in all forms and is able to Heal on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual.  The more we practice Impeccability and Heal our own Soul karma, the more we can be Strong, unwavering, Radiant beacons of Light.  This benefits our Spirit, simultaneously fostering Illumination in all of Humanity.  Our website and The Impeccable Warrior of Light Path is devoted to the Highest Path, the EnLightenment of all Creation.  By using the Tools and practicing the Teachings, we ultimately become them, and we are unified with Divine Goodness, the Supreme Consciousness, also known as God or the Supreme Self.

The IWOL practices include: Spiritual Protection practices, Sacred Mantra and Chanting, Dancing, Energy Work, Spiritual Ceremony, Meditation, and more.

The IWOL Path offers you a myriad of Tools, Training and support, so you can develop and Align with the Spiritual Tools and Practices that serve you and your Soul Light in the Highest Ways.

Peace Mother EnCourages you to get started in any Way you can (see our Practice Blog for Inspiration).  Start benefiting today by Practicing the Tools and Teachings Her Holiness has Graciously provided, and allow Peace Mother’s Divine Knowledge enhance your Great, Luminous Soul Power!

Why is this The Fast Track to my Highest Destiny?

We are living in a time of Great global change and Spiritual unfoldment for Humanity.  The Universe is calling us to rapidly Align with our Soul’s Path, our Highest Destiny, and to be Champions of the Light.

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song is a fully-realized Master, and therefore receiving Her Grace in any Way rapidly Accelerates our Spiritual progress.  For example, Her Holy Shaktipat Limpia prayers can clear karmas and negative patterns that have existed for hundreds or thousands of Lifetimes!  Implementing the Spiritual Protection Tools and Practices, following Her Teachings, or engaging in Seva (self-less service) moves us along our Path infinitely faster!

The Impeccable Warrior of Light Tools and Teachings can create Vast Blessings and Waves of Grace in ALL areas of your Life! Just as an exercise program will Succeed if you put your Highest effort in, these Sacred Practices will produce the Greatest results from the Pure Intention, effort, Dedication, and Devotion you are able to offer to Them.

Throughout the ages, the Wisdom is the same: True Spiritual seekers, in order to attain EnLightenment, need the Grace of the Guru.  There is no other Way.  Therefore, we Align with this Sacred Tradition and offer ourselves wholly to Her Wisdom, Compassion, and Infinite Love! In so doing, we receive Blessings that are richer than we ever imagined: rare and Sacred Gifts that Transform, Uplift and EnLighten every aspect of our lives.

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Live as an Impeccable Warrior of Light through Seva

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