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Posted on Aug 4, 2015

The Importance of Spiritual Home Cleansing

Peace Mother Offering Sacred Smoke

“Most people shower everyday. Imagine if you didn’t. What if you went years without showering? You would stink horribly and there would be a thick crust of dirt on you. In the same way, since the vast majority of people don’t cleanse themselves daily of the vibrations they pick up, imagine how encrusted they are of all kinds of negative energies. This does not necessarily make them a bad person of course, but it does make them an easy target for most negative forces…

However, when you cleanse yourself and your home each day…and you connect with your Angels and Protectors through your Prayers and Offerings, then it is easier to have a Strong aura, mind, body and spirit.”

~ Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song, from the The Impeccable Warrior of Light book


Dear Peace Mother,

I just reread the first 100 pages of The Impeccable Warrior Of Light eBook and realized that I had not cleansed my home in a few days. I cleansed my room but not my home and we had many guests over from Thursday to Saturday.

I just realized that some of our house guests had strong negative energies attached to them and I feel that the lingering negative energies attached to me this morning while I was resting. I re-called that yesterday I was feeling sad over my ex, which has not happened in a few weeks. I also had a migraine that started on Thursday and lasted until Saturday…The same days we had house guests. All of the negative energetic presences built up by Sunday evening without my Awareness of its toll on my emotions, Mind and Body.

Through all of Your Sacred Teachings and Sacred Tools, I am starting to recognize the presence of negative forces and quickly banish them to the Light. I will cleanse the rest of my home today and re-member to commit to this daily practice, keeping up with my Impeccable Spiritual Protection. Thank You dear Peace Mother.

~An Impeccable Warrior of Light from Los Angeles, CA