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Posted on Sep 11, 2015

The only Peace that matters…

Soul Peace is the flow of Peace that emanates from deep within. The Impeccable Warrior of Light Tools and Practices enable you to experience Soul Peace, the only real and lasting Peace. Many of us are not used to feeling this Peace because we are caught up in the day-to-day struggles and sufferings of the world.

May the following Wisdom from Peace Mother encourage you to uphold the banner of Peace every day and every moment, as an Impeccable Warrior of Light!

Peace Mother emanating Joy and Love

“The only Peace that matters is Inner Peace. 
When we are established in Inner Peace, we can radiate
our Peace-full state
to every being, environment and nation.
Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

Peace is Contagious, as is negativity….so we must choose wisely
as to what vibration we desire to endorse and circulate.
When we choose Peace over
negative drama,
we radiate the vibration of Peace to all sentient beings and all realities. Therefore…choose Peace dear ones…Choose Peace….” 
Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

“For there to be Peace we must live in the Sacred Temple of the Heart.
This is the Key to Peace.” 

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

By implementing the Impeccable Warrior of Light Tools, Practices, Training and Wisdom you will be able to:

  • align with the Eternal Peace that is always within you
  • experience that you are the Light
  • walk the Light path as part of your Destiny
  • naturally and powerfully contribute to Peace around you
  • experience more Joy, Enthusiasm, Inspiration and Faith

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