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Posted on Aug 22, 2014

The Year 2014: The Formula for Unwavering Focus and Success

Blessings dear ones…How is your New Year flowing so far? This is a Power Moment of New Beginnings with new Opportunities for new Soul adventures. In order to receive All its Blessings, let us be totally Clear that 2014 will provide much Support and Flow for your Radiant Goals…yet your level of progress will depend on the Strength of your Determination.

Your Determination will decide the level of Greatness you will achieve. The bird flies with two wings and our two wings are: Grace and Self-Effort. 2014 will supply a Strong wave of Grace and what we do with it will determine how high we can fly.

To live our Highest Destiny, the first quality we must possess is Un-wavering Determination. Now is the time to honestly ask your Self: How Determined am I? How Mighty is my Determination to Succeed in manifesting my goals? Am I applying my Self diligently, Zest-fully and Joy-fully to maintaining my Positive Power at the Optimum level?

What barriers, blocks and obstacles must I dissolve in order to reach my Highest Destiny? What limited beliefs must I Clear? What energies reside in my home, Mind, Body and Spirit that hamper my Brightest Self from shining Radiantly?

Cultivating unwavering Focus is the first goal which leads us to accomplishing our other goals. Let the Jaguar and its Absolute Focus be your Golden example and then set out to establish Absolute Focus and Determination in your Life.

The formula for maintaining your Sacred Energy in the Most Vibrant, Power-full way is to implement Holy Shaktipat Limpias, the Blessed Shamanic Healing RattleMantrasSacred Cleansing Kits and other Sacred Tools in order to Clear your homes, work and play spaces…as well as your Mind, Body, Spirit and Prayer Petitions each day. With this combination of Potent Tools, you can maintain your Determination at Vibrant levels by removing the malevolent, interfering energies that thrive on blocking your Success.

Impeccable Warriors of Light are not afraid to look at the darkness. They know they must be ever-vigilant of weeds and other intruders that will attempt to destroy the Golden Garden by harming the Beauty-full flowers of Light they are cultivating. Impeccable Warriors of Light understand that it is the nature of negativity to destroy Beauty and Brilliance. Therefore, Impeccable Warriors of Light are quick to identify any sabotaging forces and send those fragmenting energies to the Light.

What is sabotaging you at this time? What negative voices and perspectives are de-railing, dis-tracting and diminishing your Soul Power? This is THE moment to open your eyes widely…to Clearly identify what items, habits and patterns you must remove from your space in order to maintain a Brilliant Energy of Focused, Positive Determination.

After identifying that which is hindering your progress, implement the Sacred Tools with Greater consistency…with deeper Faith and Zest, so you can generate a tsunami of Grace for your Self, your Loved Ones, the planet and all sentient beings everywhere.

Are you Determined to do this? Then begin immediately! The recommended CD for intensifying your Soul Power and increasing Clear Determination is Shamanic Trance Chant.
Shamanic Trance Chant Album Cover
Begin listening to it immediately to Connect to your SOURCE of Power…Your Higher Self/Eternal Soul.

Re-member….We are in a cycle of Zoom-Zoom Energy…so chop-chop dear ones. Do no hold back any longer…let’s move out darkness and replace it with an Endless stream of Victories for the Light!