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Posted on Feb 27, 2015

Be a True Light Worker



Vast Blessings unto you dear ones…A True Light Worker is All Ways working…While resting, while active, the Sacred Work goes on.

The “Work” is to spark the Light in others…To fan the flames of Purity within each place and moment. Regardless of where we are, we have ONE main Soul-assignment:  BE THE LIGHT…BE THE VESSEL OF GOLDEN ENERGY…BE THE PURITY OF THE UNIVERSE…

During this season, while the world is focused on “Peace On Earth” it is an Excellent time to raise the bar on your Self to hit a higher mark of Impeccability.

This is a time to take our Light Work to new levels of Excellence and Radiance! It is a perfect time to commit to transform ALL negativity that is still in residence within your Self and around you.

A Vital place to begin is by examining your language.  Let’s all commit to use only words of Light and eradicate from Life all that stains the Soul.

Fan the flame of Illumination within your Self and others. My LOVE is with you every step of the way.


~Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song