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Posted on Apr 21, 2015

Wearing Positive Colors Brightens More Than Your Wardrobe!


Wearing Positive Colors Brightens More Than Your Wardrobe!

I AM an Impeccable Warrior of Light…I take refuge in the Loving, Compassionate Universe to help me All Ways BE a Perfect Instrument for The Light!

Your spirit is nourished through any interaction with power colors. An Impeccable Warrior of Light knows what hues enhance their Life Force and Power. You will find that when you wear certain colors, people compliment you and confirm how great you look in them. Whenever I meet anyone, I notice what colors they are wearing and carrying. I note the hue of the clothes, bags, purses, shoes, notebooks, watchbands and jewelry, for example. Unlike the Asian, East Indian, and Middle Eastern cultures, where men and women dress in bright, beauty-full colors…in the West, very few people dress in vibrant tones. Wherever the Western culture takes root you find people changing their traditional bright colored clothing and accessories to dull, dark colors. In the Eastern and Asian cultures men are accustomed to wearing pink, purple and turquoise, whereas the Western cultures are only now breaking free of the ignorant attitude that pink is only for women. Pink is a “feminine” color but this means that everyone will benefit from wearing it, as it connects us with our inner feminine energies which comprise a Divine state such as Compassion, Divine Love, kindness and sweetness.

Many men actually need to wear more pink and feminine accessories, in order to Balance out the overdose of testosterone coursing through them, which makes them overly mental, Spiritually resistant and emotionally insecure. Wearing the colors considered feminine, or Spiritual colors such as orange, white, gold or violet will assist in healing the imbalances in the aura and therefore the personality.

(Excerpt from The Impeccable Warrior of Light: Mantras and Rituals for Spiritual Protection written by Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song, available here)

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