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Posted on Jun 3, 2015

What Are Mantras and Chanting All About?

Chanting Sacred Sounds, mantras, is the path of ease. Out of the many Spiritual practices available to us, chanting is the path of Ecstasy. These Sacred sounds, all available on our Mantra Chanting CDs are the greatest gift from Mother-God/Father-God:

IWOL Albums and Chanting Music

By chanting, we effortlessly discard the stress, the burdens, the suffering and the pain generated by our modern Life. Everyone can sing Sacred Songs! They bestow their blessings on all those who participate, as well as generating a wave of healing energy for all creation.

Chanting is a way of Joy-fully offering up our prayers for ourselves and all those we care for.

The more we chant, the more we find ourselves freed of the chains of Karma from past lives, childhood and all the experiences that have challenged us up to the present moment.

With chants, mantras and songs from global traditions, we can all open the doors to our spiritual inheritance of Peace. To generate waves of Peace for your loved ones and the whole world, simply set aside time for Blissful chanting!

Why Should I Chant?

Mantras (Sacred Sounds) are used to transform vibrations and challenges. They are good for everyone to practice, especially those with perfectionist natures and overly-active minds. Mantras heal us mentally, emotionally and physically, affecting the mind and the body’s systems. They also dissolve negative karmas and the psychic impressions those karmas have instilled into our psyche which produce neurosis and imbalances. The chanting of mantras bypasses the mind and carries us straight to the Heart. The focus is on the sound that we are generating through these sacred chants, not necessarily the words that our minds would like to feed on.

How To Chant

You can chant Mantras at your altar, your favorite part of the home, post the sacred text around your space, recite them at doorways or any place that has a negative presence to it. Every note of sacred sound feeds the atmosphere of your living and working space.

Using Prayer Beads with Chanting

Some people also find it helpful to use prayer beads while chanting. Our online store carries a range of prayer beads, which are available for purchase if you feel inclined to use them.  Find out more about prayer beads and how to use them:

About Prayer Beads