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Posted on Mar 21, 2015

Why Wear a Mantle or Meditation Shawl

Two Tone Silk Blend Pashmina Shawls

By wearing a shawl during meditation, the energetic residue of Grace builds on the shawl with each use. With a constant build up of Positive Energy, the shawl becomes charged with a frequency of Divine Protection, Radiant Light, Peace and Infinite Blessings.




Shawls Provide Protection:

  • Through enhancing your Protective Shield by Protecting head, neck, back, chest and arms.
  • By wearing Radiant colored shawls, your immune system is boosted and the Brightness of your Light and Divine Power increases.
  • Allowing for clearer thinking and increased Positive productivity when worn as a head-wrap.

Shawls Enhance Meditation:

  • By acting as a Strong Protective Light Shield that supports the flow of Spiritual and material Wealth to you in unlimited forms.
  • By supporting a Positive connection and Clear communication with your Divine Protectors, so you may receive Positive Guidance.
  • By connecting you to Loving Light and Aligning you with your Highest Destiny Path.
  • Making it easier for you to access Ancient Wisdom and understand Higher Knowledge.

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