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Posted on Nov 28, 2014

What is a Sacred Yantra?

Shree Lakshmi Yantra

Shree Lakshmi Yantra for Prosperity

Yantras are symbolic representations of Mantras. Their Ancient Sacred Geometry Power designs invoke aspects of the Divine Mother for Meditation, Strength, Clarity, Healing, Protection and Prosperity.

Our Sacred Yantras are made from copper and have Beauty-full detailed etching.

Yantra devotees rave about the Power of Yantras to transform the quality of drinking water and other items by placing the Yantras under the item or in the case of water, inside the water container.

Ways to utilize Yantras for Protection and Blessings:

  1. Place at door fronts of your house and business.
  2. Place in the four Cardinal Points of your house and property.
  3. Place in portal and vortex areas to clear negativity and draw in the Light.
  4. Place on your Altar to invoke the Light for Divine Blessings.
  5. Place on areas of the body needing a Sacred Healing.
  6. Carry in your purse, wallet, bag or briefcase.

Many more uses of Yantras and other Spiritual Protection Tools can be found in Peace Mother’s book, The Impeccable Warrior of Light: Mantras and Rituals for Spiritual Protection.

Durga Yantra for Protection

When you purchase a Sacred Yantra from a Sacred Center such as ours, Blessings have already been infused into the Yantras and they are ready for Sacred Work. In the case of store-bought Yantras, be Aware that they have not been charged for you and you will need to charge them with Protective Life Force prior to putting the Yantra to work for you.

Peace Mother’s book, The Impeccable Warrior of Light outlines many Sacred Ways of Clearing negative energies from Yantras and charging them with Divine Light. All Yantras and Amulets need to be re-charged when utilizing them and Peace Mother’s book recommends re-charging them every nine days.

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