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Posted on Sep 15, 2010

Home Base, Your Golden Energy and Soul Protection Practices

 By Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

All Maa’s Blessings to you dear ones and Happy Solstice…

Solstice Power is all about clearing and building your Life upon a foundation that supports the Best, Highest and Purest realities in your life. To take advantage of the Solstice Power you can focus at this time on clearing out negative programming, challenging conditions and any limiting perceptions.

As I witness the pain that exist in others lives, my message to all those who are in pain is a message based on Timeless Wisdom… it is a message that works to alleviate suffering…it works Divinely to EmPower you on your Life Path. Put it into practice and you will become stronger and your Light more Triumphant:


Continue to Teach your family and friends how the dark forces work and how to Protect themselves. Remember: in a basketball game, the players receive training on how to watch the other team with Supreme Care. In order to score a Victory, each team must maintain control of the ball, and to do this, they must also keep track of the other team’s moves to ensure they do not snatch the ball from them. If the opposing team does steal the ball…you must be determined to take it back immediately. The ball is YOUR POWER…with it you can score endless Victories for your Highest Destiny! Visualize being in control of a ball of blazing Light, which is your Power and commit to not allowing any negative energy steal your Power!

Dark forces are threatened by anyone breaking out of their grip. Know that if you are making progress on your Spiritual Path, sabotaging forces will always try to pull you back! That is why you must watch them and stop them in their tracks.

Taking your Power back is a great opportunity to feel the Divine Essence rise up within you, EmPowering you to stand up to malevolent forces and Courageously tell them, “I do NOT listen to you anymore! I cast you to the Light! I am Protected by a circle of Angels, I am Protected by a circle of Light and I only serve the Light! I will NOT feed you with negativity, so get out! Leave me in Peace, leave this space in Peace!”

After making such a Declaration, repeat your Mantra or Prayer to fill up the space with the Light. You ARE Power-full and each time you stand up to the dark side…each time you refuse to be controlled by them, you become Stronger! On the other hand, each time you allow them to control you, you become weaker. So do not let them manipulate you! Send them to the Light, to be consumed by the Brilliant Violet Flame of Transmutation.

With Impeccable Vigilance, observe the movements of dark forces! Keep your eyes fully open…notice every shadow…choose to see every footprint, to catch them in their sneaky ways. Do not be afraid of them! They have no authority over you! YOU are Power-full and All Ways have been! You have the Light Forces watching your back…take refuge in this. At the same time, maintain Golden Awareness that you do have to do your part. YOU MUST NOW CHOOSE TO BECOME AN AWAKE, ALERT, BRIMMING-WITH-LIGHT WARRIOR!

Consider the Positive Power to be your Home…and do not leave Home for any reason. Stay on Home Base…you are safe there. Do not leave the Base of Positive Energy, for that is God Energy, that is Angel Energy, that is your Soul Energy, your Soul Essence!

Be Positive, stay Positive, set the example for your children and all those around you. You are here on Earth to live as an Impeccable Warrior of Light and therefore demonstrate to all sentient beings that Impeccable Spiritual Protection is the foundation of a Peace-full Life. I have Faith in you to exemplify the Golden Wisdom and I send you waves of Positive Energy to help you manifest that. 

SO LET’S GO dear ones…. 





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  1. Well done article. I’ll make sure to use it wisely.