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Posted on Aug 22, 2014

Your Tools Saved Me from Psychic Attack!

An example of Spiritual Protection to Defend and Clear Psychic Attacks

Dear Peace Mother,

I am a counselor and today I had an intense experience with an especially difficult client.

He is a meth addict and I suspect he was coming down from a recent high. While I was conducting my counseling session with him I could feel this intense wave of heavy energy from him. It was so strong that I felt my own breathing become labored. I even felt that my third eye area was being closed.

I immediately put up my Protective Shield and Invoked Protection from the Goddess, EnVisioning Grace from Our Lady of Guadalupe and reciting the Divine Mother Tara Mantra you Bestowed upon me during one of our Holy Shaktipat Limpia sessions.

The attack from the energy traveling with him was so strong, I had never felt anything like that! It felt as if there was this putty like barrier around him, preventing my Light Work from reaching him. For example, normally, it is easy for me to Clearly EnVision the Violet Flame Transforming darkness, but in his case, holding the image of the Violet Flame around my Self and around him was difficult.

In Good Fortune, I had my Blessed Shamanic Healing Rattles in my car. Immediately after the session, I went straight to my car, took the Blessed Shamanic Healing Rattles and proceeded to rattle my Self and the office. I rattled until both of my arms burned and even felt Guided to pound the rattles on my chest.

After that intense Clearing I felt immensely better. My chest felt Light again and my breathing was normal.

I am incredibly Thankful that I had the Blessed Shamanic Healing Rattles with me and that through Grace I could remain Aware through the experience. It is your Impeccable Warrior of Light Training that has brought me to this point of Awareness and Excellent Skills! My Soul Thanks you for providing these Miraculous Rattles and for EnCouraging us to implement them on a daily basis. Today and many times, it has saved my Soul from heavy psychic attack! Love and Light to You, Holy Mother!

~An Impeccable Warrior of Light in Divine Mother’s Army of Healers, USA

The Blessed Shamanic Healing Rattle

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