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Posted on Feb 22, 2016

Your True Soul Nature: Why You Deserve a Radiant Life

The Universe Wants You to Achieve Your Destiny

Since the day you were born, you were meant to lead a Radiant Life filled with Joy, Love, and a feeling of connectedness with the Divine. Perhaps, if you were locked away in a tower like Rapunzel, that could have been the case. However, your Life experience up to this point has likely been very different.
The Universe and our Beloved Planet Earth is filled with many dark forces and influences which ceaselessly attempt to dis-tract you and create suffering in your Life.

You have a Kali Durge, Goddess of Protection of Your Radiant LifeDivine Soul Nature

You deserve a Radiant Life because your True Nature is of a Luminous, Noble Being, and Impeccable Warrior of Light. Your Soul longs for Purity, Connection, Balance, Abundance, Peace, and all the other Noble Qualities. However, in order to invoke, expand and maintain those forces within your Self, it is essential to become Aware of the destructive forces and the injurious behaviors, and tricks they play to manipulate and attack your Golden Energy and Life Force.

Indicators of dark forces

Dark forces are the root cause of all suffering, including:

  • destructive behaviors, like addiction or abuse
  • negative habits, such as eating when feeling stressed
  • feelings of emptiness, victimhood, lack of full-fillment, etc. all which can lead to depression
  • pain and frustration, attributed to perceived failure or lack of Success in your Life

These energies are Strong and Supremely intelligent! This is why you still may be suffering despite your best efforts to change the negative patterns in your Life.

For example, these dark forces can create haziness, forget-fullness, fatigue, confusion, and overall Shamanic Amnesia, all of which appear to dis-connect you from your true Self. Your Luminous Golden Light has been veiled by living in a world where these forces are EVERYWHERE!

Practicing Psychic Self-defense

If you did not know how to properly protect or defend your Radiant Soul, Body, Mind, home and spaces, it would nearly be impossible to fight off these negative forces without some kind of training or lessons.
However, you now have the Sacred Knowledge that yes, Spiritual Protection Tools and Training do exist! And now that you know why you have been missing these Blessed Gifts in your Life, you can take action to quickly lift the dense, heavy layers that veil the true Golden Light of your Soul.

Be assured that for every challenge you may encounter, there is a Golden solution and Legions of Divine support available. There are countless Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Saints, Gurus, Siddhas, Buddhas ready to assist you… and each of you has an IMMENSE Divine Spirit Team!

Your Access to Compassionate Grace

We live in a Compassionate Universe, so you have access to even another Sacred Key: Grace. Through Grace, any Positive effort you make is amplified and returned. When you call out for Spiritual assistance, there are many Souls, your Ancestors, those on the other side who Love you, cheer you on, and are ready to answer your plea! The Universe wants you to full-fill your Brightest Destiny, and so through Grace, if we do our part, solutions WILL appear.

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song has dedicated Her Life and Her years of Training in the Ways of Light to help people just like you. She embodies the Highest Wisdom and Pure Compassion to help you change your Life and allow the feelings of Love, Bliss and Peace to flow through you.peace mother shakti

It is difficult to face obstacles in Life when you are taught to turn away from the Light, using bad habits and negative thought patterns to cope with daily struggles. Without challenges from these unseen dark forces, we cannot advance ourselves Spiritually, so as Impeccable Warriors of Light, we welcome these obstacles as opportunites to triumph over adversity in a Luminous Way.

Peace Mother teaches us how to invoke the Light in times of trouble, relying on the Infinite Power of Divine Grace to pull us over each and every obstacle before us. Armed with the Tools to Protect your Soul’s Radiant Light, you can defend yourself against these unseen forces and take the first steps towards your Brightest Soul’s Destiny.

You deserve this Radiant Life because you and everything about your Golden Soul Essence is Amazing and so very special. Quite simply, you are worthy of Soul Success just by existing. By rising above your ego and limited mindset, you allow the piece of the Divine within you to shine. All you need is the Tools to unlock your Soul’s Divine Potential.

Invoke a Radiant Life through Positive Affirmations

One of Peace Mother’s Teachings is the Power of Positive Affirmation. Right now, as you sit here reading this, repeat these words:

“I AM an Impeccable Warrior of Light.

I AM a Child of the Light.

I AM filled with the Love, Light and Wisdom of the Universe!”

When you feel the negative forces around you, repeat this Mantra until you FEEL the Light surrounding you, Protecting your Soul and guiding you down the Path to a Radiant Life.
Share this Spiritual tip with your friends to inspire their inner Radiant Light!


In Loving service,

The Global Peace Team

On behalf of Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

Photo credit: Maryam Morrison